Industry Chg.% Prev Chg% Turn. 5D Avg Turn. Avg. P/E Performance
Accessories & Leather Goods
+0.260% -0.340% 47.86M 213.07M 6.85
-0.280% -0.240% 9.45M 99.95M 5.06
Agricultural, Poultry & Fishing Production
+0.500% -0.870% 695.40M 1.15B 9.38
Airline Services
+1.020% -1.770% 313.13M 542.37M 12.73
Airlne Support
-0.060% +0.160% 26.89M 70.30M 8.28
Alcoholic Drinks & Tobacco
+0.930% -0.850% 335.80M 332.77M 53.32
Alternative Energy
+0.220% -0.570% 94.28M 85.33M 9.52
-0.490% -0.320% 211.99M 569.09M 14.10
Automobile Retailing, Maintenance & Repair
-0.240% -1.450% 66.48M 120.47M 5.33
Automobiles & Components
-0.190% -0.180% 2.01B 2.34B 10.89
-0.040% -0.230% 3.55B 6.95B 5.47
+1.300% -0.410% 5.36B 922.83M 23.33
Chemical Products
-0.540% -1.080% 164.44M 93.42M 20.83
-0.370% -0.810% 207.71M 413.38M 4.04
Commercial Vehicle
-1.260% -0.110% 255.94M 396.59M 21.88
+0.090% +0.230% 1.66B 1.78B 7.75
Construction & Decoration
+0.060% -0.370% 203.77M 317.56M 38.31
Construction Materials
+0.290% -0.560% 858.02M 1.37B 13.17
Consumer Electronics
-0.500% +0.360% 67.13M 169.92M 18.60
Cosmetics & Personal Care
-0.580% +1.480% 237.14M 358.45M 99.61
Dairy Products
-0.530% -0.760% 261.05M 450.98M 16.49
Department Stores & Shopping Malls
+0.300% -0.580% 75.11M 182.09M 16.85
Diversified Food & Beverage
+0.660% +0.530% 93.44M 294.83M 24.63
Diversified Tourism, Hotel & Restaurant
-0.750% +0.360% 5.52M 13.31M 9.84
E-Commerce & Internet Services
-0.080% -0.520% 5.07B 7.07B 17.81
Electric Equipment
-1.060% +1.860% 163.57M 243.32M 13.15
Electricity Supply
+0.750% -1.040% 926.78M 1.53B 20.04
Electronic Component
+0.050% -2.060% 1.25M 7.58M 3.95
Environmental Energy Material
-0.470% +0.210% 62.19M 198.41M 57.04
Environmental Goods
+0.010% -0.620% 300.93M 286.20M 9.00
Fertilisers & Agricultural Chemicals
-0.140% +0.340% 4.21M 15.53M 30.60
Food Additives & Flavouring
-0.270% +0.010% 51.05M 113.38M 42.68
+0.060% -0.880% 419.55M 626.97M 22.47
Forestry & Timber
-0.870% +0.710% 2.52M 4.60M 8.30
-0.320% -0.880% 21.70M 38.72M 7.77
Furniture & Household Goods
-0.240% -2.540% 231.64M 393.24M 11.50
+0.120% -1.470% 786.89M 1.35B 18.36
Gas Supply
+0.870% -0.910% 448.62M 879.08M 16.33
Health Products
+0.260% -0.310% 1.48M 4.60M 13.00
Hotels & Resorts
-0.110% +0.290% 30.68M 49.09M 17.70
Household Appliances
+0.330% -0.360% 171.51M 354.54M 9.72
Industrial Goods
-0.310% -1.170% 971.50M 1.20B 15.24
+0.260% -0.220% 182.18M 398.97M 6.85
+1.580% -1.120% 4.63B 7.25B 13.53
International Trade
-0.720% -0.710% 8.02M 18.87M 0.00
Investments & Assets Management
-0.560% -0.730% 777.68M 1.64B 15.53
IT Hardware
-0.350% -0.020% 1.18B 3.29B 17.83
Leisure & Recreation
+0.400% +0.100% 14.76M 23.34M 7.72
Machinery & Equipment
+0.140% -0.120% 175.92M 286.09M 26.05
Marine & Harbour Services
+0.190% -1.000% 85.81M 226.03M 8.16
Medical Equipment & Services
-0.030% -0.100% 119.09M 271.99M 53.48
+0.960% -0.580% 1.63B 2.29B 27.72
Movies & Entertainment
-1.020% -0.070% 71.77M 127.91M 8.31
Multi-media Enterprise
-0.430% +1.100% 2.89M 2.01M 14.69
Nonferrous Metal
+0.180% -0.050% 271.82M 543.90M 10.47
Other Financials
+0.240% -0.130% 707.55M 1.50B 10.54
Other Minerals
+0.780% -0.950% 4.80M 11.66M 29.82
Other Support Services
-0.100% -0.250% 340.51M 380.01M 22.63
Packaged Foods
-0.480% +0.530% 158.38M 266.39M 11.32
-0.640% -0.290% 87.03M 162.51M 3.31
Petroleum & Gases
+0.510% -0.020% 1.49B 2.56B 25.73
Petroleum & Gases Equipment & Services
+0.190% -0.280% 66.60M 115.48M 264.84
Precious Metal
-0.040% +0.590% 217.13M 151.61M 21.03
Printing, Publishing & Packaging
-0.530% +0.080% 11.56M 29.05M 99.23
Property Development
-0.530% -0.420% 5.63B 9.29B 15.14
Property Investment
-0.560% -0.700% 623.92M 1.13B 18.03
Property Management & Agency
+0.220% +1.090% 421.42M 649.36M 9.56
Public Transport
-0.550% +0.810% 69.57M 237.24M 15.35
+1.210% -0.640% 4.35M 14.03M 3.98
Real Estate Investment Trust
+0.230% -0.090% 259.67M 665.29M 206.54
Restaurants & Fast Food Shops
-0.820% +0.140% 106.03M 188.85M 9.92
Retailers & Trade
+2.850% +3.430% 997.40K 1.40M 16.12
Road and Railway
-0.400% +0.160% 73.35M 197.19M 11.80
Satellite & Aerospace
-0.780% +0.310% 33.33M 66.75M 9.55
+0.290% -0.840% 1.09B 1.77B 16.91
-1.510% -2.290% 177.69M 537.27M 15.71
Soft Drinks
-0.210% +0.160% 5.76M 35.02M 38.61
+2.560% -1.890% 305.42M 1.03B 25.53
+0.950% -0.350% 113.77M 195.78M 11.56
System Applications & IT Consulting
-0.650% -1.120% 347.05M 433.04M 19.02
Telecomm. & Networking Equipment
+0.360% +0.250% 841.45M 1.53B 23.93
Telecomm. Services
-0.080% -0.450% 1.42B 2.41B 17.47
Textile & Apparels
-0.230% -0.100% 24.44M 77.18M 8.43
-0.280% -1.120% 7.11M 58.35M 105.34
Travel & Tourism
-0.170% -1.090% 542.90M 116.53M 19.38
TV & Broadcasting
+1.420% +0.770% 27.17M 24.96M 7.47
Warehousing & Logistic Services
-0.900% -1.150% 19.72M 62.35M 253.08
Watch & Jewellery
+0.480% -0.870% 55.64M 67.80M 4.63
Water Supply
-0.290% -0.790% 81.74M 211.23M 18.21
(1) Chg.% is calculated as the average percentage change of stocks in corresponding industries.
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