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BlackRock World Energy Fund (USD) A2

Schroder ISF-Global Energy (USD) A Acc

Last NAV 19.20 14.18
Date of Valuation 2022/01/19 2022/01/19
Sharpe Ratio 0.05 0.56
3-Year Risk Return Ratio 0.16 0.00
Cumulative Performance (%)
  • 1-Month
+23.79% +21.83%
  • 3-Month
+10.60% +5.10%
  • 6-Month
+42.12% +38.78%
  • YTD
+16.01% +15.65%
  • 1-Year
-28.54% -32.30%
  • 3-Year
-21.16% -23.24%
  • 5-Year
+27.48% +36.04%
  • Since Launch
+92.00% -49.27%
Calendar Year Performance (%)
  • 2020
-28.54% -32.30%
  • 2019
+11.41% -2.30%
  • 2018
-21.16% -23.24%
  • 2017
-0.64% -9.08%
  • 2016
+27.48% +36.04%
3-Year Annualised Volatility 36.92% 46.90%
Funds Characteristics
Funds House BlackRock Asset Management North Asia Limited Schroder Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited
Portfolio Manager Alastair Bishop & Mark Hume Mark Lacey
Funds Type Equity Funds Equity Funds
Funds Size USD 2108830000 USD 401830000
Base Currency USD USD
Sector Energy Energy
Geographic Allocation Global Global
Portfolio content
Top Holdings
  • 01
CHEVRON CORP (8.29%) BP PLC (5.60%)
  • 02
TOTALENERGIES SE (9.52%) Devon Energy Corp (5.00%)
  • 03
ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC (8.91%) Royal Dutch Shell PLC (4.80%)
  • 04
CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LTD (4.84%) Schlumberger NV (4.60%)
  • 05
CONOCOPHILLIPS (6.18%) Cimarex Energy Co (4.30%)
  • 06
MARATHON PETROLEUM CORP (4.44%) Repsol SA (4.20%)
  • 07
EXXON MOBIL CORP (4.23%) Cabot Oil & Gas Corp (3.90%)
  • 08
EQUINOR ASA (3.74%) Marathon Oil Corp (3.80%)
  • 09
SUNCOR ENERGY INC (4.08%) Technip Energies NV (3.50%)
  • 10
PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES COMPANY (4.61%) Diamondback Energy Inc (3.40%)
Investments and Fees
Minimum Initial Investment N/A USD 1000
Initial Sales Fee Class A Shares: up to 5% of the price of shares.Class C Shares: Nil A and AX Shares up to 5.00% of the total subscription amount (equivalent to 5.26315% of the Net Asset Value per Share)
Switching Fee Nil(A 2% charge on redemptions/conversions may be levied where excessive trading by a shareholder is suspected.), except a delayed Initial Charge of up to 5% of the price of Class A Shares may be payable upon switching newly acquired Shares in a Reserve Fund into this Fund. The Directors may, at their discretion, allow certain selected Distributors to make a charge for switching which shall not exceed 1% of the value of the Share being requested to be switched.
Maintenance Fee Custodian Fees Safekeeping fees: 0.005% to 0.441%.Custodian Fees Transactional fees: US$8.8 to US$196 per transaction.Performance Fee : Nil.Administration Fee : Up to 0.25%(May be increased to a combined 2.25% maximum upon giving three months’ prior notice to shareholders.).Distribution Fee Class A Shares: Nil.Distribution Fee Class C Shares: 1.25%. Custodian fee:up to a maximum of 0.5% per annum and USD 150 per transaction respectively.Fees relating to core fund accounting and valuation services:up to 0.02% of the Net Asset Value of a Fund,subject to an annual minimum fee of USD 20,000.
Redemption Fee Nil.(A 2% charge on redemptions/conversions may be levied where excessive trading by a shareholder is suspected.) At the time of this Prospectus, there are no Funds to which such a redemption charge is applicable.
Date and others
Launch Date 2001/04/06 2006/06/30
End of Financial Year 31/08 31/12
Country of Registry Luxembourg Luxembourg
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