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Founded in 2000, Limited (AASTOCKS) is committed to offer real-time, comprehensive and reliable financial information and analytical tools through innovative technology on websites and mobile platforms, covering HK shares, A shares, US shares, forex, funds, etc. The number of unique visitors to our website and mobile platform has exceeded 3.8 million and 1.5 million, respectively, each month.
In August 2010, AASTOCKS became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai DZH Limited (Stock Code: 601519.SH) in HK. With its head office in HK, AASTOCKS has set up offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore and Japan.
Our Products
AASTOCKS website "" has been ranking No.1 in HK financial websites for more than 10 consecutive years, with the support of more than 95% of HK investors. The website offers real-time and comprehensive global financial information and analytical tools, covering HK shares, A shares, US shares, forex, funds, ETF and precious metals, etc, with the content undergoing continuous optimizing and upgrading. The instant financial news and professional charting tools on the website not only help analyze the stocks markets in China, HK and the US, investors may also explore massive investment opportunities. It has won the global support from HK, China, Macau, Canada, and the US, etc, with over 220 million pageviews monthly. It was awarded "Favourite Media Websites" in "The 5th Media Convergence Awards" in 2017 and "The 6th Media Convergence Awards" in 2018.
Mobile Apps
To let mobile users easily get our real-time financial information anywhere, AASTOCKS launched “Market+ Mobile” application for smartphone users in 2010 and “M+” application for tablet users in 2012. “Market+ Mobile” and “Market+” have long been the most popular free-to-download financial application in App Store and Google Play, "Market+ Mobile" was also chosen by App Store as “Essentials” app since 2014. The number of unique visitors to our mobile applications exceeded 1.5 million, with over 1.6 billion pageviews, per month.
AASTOCKS mobile applications provide comprehensive real-time financial information, a variety of prominent features and analysis tools, on back of wide adaptability to different screen sizes, creating excellent user experience. It was awarded among “Best App – Media Owner” and “Best Mobile Advertising Platform” in “Mob-Ex Awards 2015”, “Best App” in “The Spark Awards 2015”, “Best App – Media Owner” in “Mob-Ex Awards 2016” and “Best Mobile Apps Award (Consumer Solutions)” in “The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2016”.
Our Business
Advertising Business
The huge user base of AASTOCKS website and mobile application provides advertisers with the best marketing opportunities. With the advanced Advertising Performance Optimization System (APOS), the product information of our advertisers can more directly and effectively reach the target customers. The professional advertising team of AASTOCKS customizes dedicated and highly efficient promotion strategy and provides professional advice, with an aim to enhance the brand awareness and product attraction, delivering the most advertising benefits.
In 2017, AASTOCKS has successfully launched nearly 500 marketing activities for our advertisers and achieved impressive advertising effectiveness and high recognition with our innovative advertising solution. At present, our advertising platform has attracted over 20 different sectors with over 200 different advertisers to place their advertisements. AASTOCKS is highly recognized by our advertisers from all walks of business, including investment, high fashion, luxury watches, luxury cars, prestigious jewelry, airlines and travel, telecommunications, gadget, property, skincare, cosmetics, etc.
Financial Information Solutions
Over the years, AASTOCKS has been providing HK, Mainland and overseas banks, securities brokers and media with all-round solutions, including securities analysis terminals, financial information services, financial data, mobile applications, etc. AASTOCKS has secured deep trust from more than 500 institutional clients.
Shanghai DZH Ltd Profile
Shanghai DZH Limited is a high-tech enterprise in China famous for the development, production, sales and services of IT products in the financial sector. The securities software has achieved 85% market share in the domestic market. Shanghai DZH turned into a limited company in December 2009 and was listed on the Main Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange in January 2011 (Stock Code: 601519.SH).
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