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00193.HK Capital Estate Ltd. Hotels & Resorts RES (Y.E.31/07/17)
00417.HK Tse Sui Luen Jewellery (International) Ltd. Watch & Jewellery INT RES/INT DIV (6-MTH-ENDED31/08/17)
00902.HK Huaneng Power International, Inc. - H Shares Electricity Supply RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
00998.HK China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd. - H Shares Banks QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
00999.HK I.T Ltd. Apparel INT RES/INT DIV (6-MTH-ENDED31/08/17)
01991.HK Ta Yang Group Holdings Ltd. Industrial Goods ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/07/17)
00525.HK Guangshen Railway Co. Ltd. - H Shares Road and Railway 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
01513.HK Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc. - H Shares Medicine QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
01812.HK Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Ltd. - H Shares Papermaking RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
02899.HK Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd. - H Shares Precious Metal 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
03331.HK Vinda International Holdings Ltd. Cosmetics & Personal Care 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
03606.HK Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd. - H Shares Automobiles & Components QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
03948.HK Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal Co., Ltd. - H Shares Coal QTR RES/INT DIV (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
08170.HK KSL Holdings Ltd. Construction & Decoration FIN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/07/17)
00038.HK First Tractor Co Ltd. - H Shares Machinery & Equipment 3RD QTR RES (3-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
00124.HK Guangdong Land Holdings Limited Property Development RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
00323.HK Maanshan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd. - H Shares Steel 3RD QTR RES (3-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
00338.HK Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co. Ltd. - H Shares Petroleum & Gases 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
00358.HK Jiangxi Copper Co. Ltd. - H Shares Nonferrous Metal 3RD QTR RES (3-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
00548.HK Shenzhen Expressway Co. Ltd. - H Shares Road and Railway 3RD QTR RES (3-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
00588.HK Beijing North Star Co. Ltd. - H Shares Property Development 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
00670.HK China Eastern Airlines Corporation Ltd. - H Shares Airline Services 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
00763.HK ZTE Corporation - H Shares Telecomm. & Networking Equipment 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
00916.HK China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Ltd. - H Shares Electricity Supply QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
00939.HK China Construction Bank Corporation - H Shares Banks RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
01065.HK Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group Co. Ltd.-H Sh Water Supply 3RD QTR RES (3-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
01199.HK COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited Marine & Harbour Services 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
01203.HK Guangnan (Holdings) Ltd. Steel 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
01963.HK Bank of Chongqing Co., Ltd. - H Shares Banks 3RD QTR RES (3-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
02202.HK China Vanke Co., Ltd. - H Shares Property Development QTR RES (3-MTH-ENDED30/09/17;9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
02208.HK Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. - H Shares Electric Equipment 3 QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
02238.HK Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. - H Shares Automobiles & Components 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
02333.HK Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd. - H Shares Automobiles & Components 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
02600.HK Aluminum Corporation of China Ltd. - H Shares Nonferrous Metal QTR RES (3-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
02628.HK China Life Insurance Co. Ltd. - H Shares Insurance RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
02880.HK Dalian Port (PDA) Co. Ltd. - H Shares Marine & Harbour Services 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
02883.HK China Oilfield Services Ltd. - H Shares Petroleum & Gases Equipment & Services 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
06116.HK Shanghai La Chapelle Fashion Co., Ltd.-H Shares Apparel 3RD QTR RES/DIV (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
06178.HK Everbright Securities Company Limited-H shares Securities 3RD QTR RES (9-MTH-ENDED30/09/17)
00122.HK Crocodile Garments Ltd. Apparel ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/07/17)
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