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00042.HK Northeast Electric Development Co. Ltd. - H Shares Electric Equipment RES/FIN DIV (12-MTH-ENDED31/12/16)
00056.HK Allied Properties (HK) Ltd. Other Financials ANN RES/DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00078.HK Regal Hotels International Holdings Ltd. Hotels & Resorts ANN RES (Y.E.31/12/16)
00116.HK Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Ltd. Watch & Jewellery ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00117.HK Tianli Holdings Group Limited Electronic Component ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00120.HK Cosmopolitan International Holdings Ltd. Investments & Assets Management ANN RES (Y.E.31/12/16)
00122.HK Crocodile Garments Ltd. Apparel INT RES/INT DIV (6-MTH-ENDED31/01/17)
00138.HK CCT Fortis Holdings Ltd. Telecomm. & Networking Equipment ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00171.HK Silver Grant International Industries Ltd. Petroleum & Gases FIN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00176.HK United Pacific Industries Ltd. IT Hardware ANN RES (Y.E.31/12/16)
00212.HK Nanyang Holdings Ltd. Property Investment ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00239.HK Pak Fah Yeow International Ltd. Medicine ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00242.HK Shun Tak Holdings Ltd. Conglomerates ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00251.HK S E A Holdings Ltd. Property Investment FIN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00261.HK CCT Land Holdings Ltd. IT Hardware ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00322.HK Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp. Packaged Foods ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00337.HK Greenland Hong Kong Holdings Ltd. Property Development ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00353.HK Energy International Investments Holdings Ltd. Petroleum & Gases ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00354.HK Chinasoft International Ltd. System Applications & IT Consulting ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00355.HK Century City International Holdings Ltd. Hotels & Resorts ANN RES (Y.E.31/12/16)
00373.HK Allied Group Ltd. Other Financials ANN RES/DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00393.HK Glorious Sun Enterprises Ltd. Apparel ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00445.HK China Fire Safety Enterprise Group Ltd. Construction & Decoration ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00458.HK Tristate Holdings Ltd. Textile & Apparels ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00468.HK Greatview Aseptic Packaging Co. Ltd. Printing, Publishing & Packaging ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00493.HK GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd. Department Stores & Shopping Malls ANN RES (Y.E.31/12/16)
00512.HK China Grand Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Holdings Ltd. Medicine ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00532.HK Wong's Kong King International (Holdings) Ltd. Industrial Goods ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00543.HK Pacific Online Ltd. E-Commerce & Internet Services ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00564.HK Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Company Limited - H Shares Machinery & Equipment ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00576.HK Zhejiang Expressway Co. Ltd. - H Shares Road and Railway ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00596.HK Inspur International Ltd. Software ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00604.HK Shenzhen Investment Ltd. Property Development FIN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00609.HK Tiande Chemical Holdings Ltd. Chemical Products ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00617.HK Paliburg Holdings Ltd. Hotels & Resorts ANN RES (Y.E.31/12/16)
00641.HK CHTC Fong's Industries Company Limited Machinery & Equipment ANN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00646.HK China Environmental Technology Holdings Ltd. Machinery & Equipment FIN RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00672.HK Zhong An Real Estate Ltd. Property Development ANN RES/DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
00687.HK Hong Kong International Construction Investment Holdings Ltd. Construction & Decoration FIN RES/FIN DIV (9-MTH-ENDED31/12/16)
00710.HK Varitronix International Ltd. IT Hardware RES/FIN DIV (Y.E.31/12/16)
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