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2016/11/22 17:22
Trump’s presidency shaked the global financial markets. Since Trump won the election, US dollar rallied, treasury yield surged, and Dow Jones Index hit record high. The unpredictable movements had been continuing for more than 7 or 8 trading days. It is difficult to conclude that the markets a...
2016/11/15 11:53
In 3Q 2016, financial markets had been losing momentum and did not show any directional movement. In FX markets, Euro, Yen, Aussie, and Kiwi had been consolidating for months. Market participants became caution due to growing uncertainties after U.K. European Union referendum and waiting to see who ...
2016/11/07 16:46
First off with highlights of last week: Thanks to a court ruling that the U.K. should not trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty nor start negotiating with the E.U. about“Breixt” without the an approval from Members of Parliament in the House. The British pound gained the most last wee...
2016/10/25 17:41
- AUD/USD resistance at 0.7730 - DXY hit 8-month high - British pound consolidates  The past week brought some insightful movements to Forex traders. Overall, the US dollar strengthened broadly against its counter pairs. Australian Dollar dropped from key resistance 0.7700 after Australian...
2016/10/18 16:00
Post-GBP flash crash updates EUR/GBP hit 7-year high EUR/USD slid to 1.1000  In the past two weeks, Forex market had been overwhelmed by the surprising GBP flash crash. The Sterling dived from 1.26 to under 1.18 and rallied back up to 1.24 in about 10 minutes. Since then, GBP/USD was tradi...
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