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Founded in 2000, AASTOCKS is a leading financial information provider in HK focusing on combining the latest technology with market insights to deliver the hottest news, instant quotes and technical analysis in the global financial markets through websites and mobile apps for retail customers, as well as business solutions for our corporate clients.


After more than a decade of endeavor, AASTOCKS gains the global fame and recognition for the swift processing of data from exchanges all over the world. Our footsteps fall along countless platforms of clients, including HSBC, Citigroup, Bank of China, ICBC, and many more. Our award-winning mobile app repeatedly ranks top three of all free-to-download apps in the financial category of App Store and Google Play ever since its launch with multi-million users worldwide at present.


From ground zero to a gigantic base of investors of millions, AASTOCKS builds the success by embracing people with diversified talent, passion and dreams. We think beyond traditions, limitations, or any other norms as we respect the uniqueness of people and believe in every superfine element in the company which would lead us to any possibilities.

Latest Jobs
System Administrator / Asst. System Specialist

Job Requirements:

  • Diploma or above in Computer Science or related subjects
  • 3 years relevant working experience in system and database administration, preferably in Internet industry
  • Hands-on experience in database designing, setup and troubleshooting
  • Experience in MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS IIS, MS Exchange Server, Windows Server, VMware, UNIX and LINUX
  • Basic knowledge in system scripting
  • Responsible, self-motivated & independent


Report to the Senior Manager performing various system administrative processing:

  • Process the system deployment
  • Maintain monitor the large scale system health and routine system operations
  • Implement and manage the backup system
  • Ensure IT infrastructure security, reliability and availability
  • Provide technical support to company’s projects
  • Prepare system documentations
  • 24X7 duty support
News Reporter

Job Responsibilities:

  • Host programmes of financial content, either on live or VOD
  • Assist in scripting, researching, onsite shooting
  • Participate in marketing and promotion campaigns
  • Other events as required.


Job Requirements:

  • Degree holder or above
  • Minimum 2-year experience in hosting programmes
  • Less experience will be considered as junior post
  • Good knowledge and sensitive to current economic events
  • Presentable, good communication skill, detailed minded
  • Native Cantonese speaker, high proficiency in English and Mandarin
Programmer (Java, Application Development)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Participate in development, testing and implementation of Financial Analytics Applications
  • Perform application tuning, testing and deployment


Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • 1 year Java application development experience
  • Hands-on experience in TCP/IP socket handling, multi-threaded programming
  • Knowledge in high performance computing design (e.g. data structure, thread synchronization, performance tuning, etc).
  • Maintain effective communication and good relationships with team members
  • Analytical thinking, good problem solving and debugging skills
  • Self-motivated, dependable and quality oriented
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Chinese
  • Fresh graduate will also be considered
Programmer (Web Application)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain web-based applications
  • Perform requirements study
  • Prepare technical documentation


Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Experience in web programming such as PHP, ASP.NET, C#, etc
  • Knowledge in database management system (MS SQL, MySQL)
  • Self-motivated, able to work under pressure and quality oriented
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Fresh graduates are also welcome
  • Five-day work week
  • Medical insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Dental insurance
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We offer an attractive remuneration package and excellent prospects for career advancement to the right candidate.

If you are interested in this position, please send full resume and expected salary by email to: career@aastocks.com

(Personal data collected will be used for recruitment purpose only.)

會員服務:  【免費延時報價】【即時串流報價】【即時圖表分析】【即時點擊報價】【上市公司資料庫】【即市新聞】
資訊範圍:  【個股報價】【圖表分析】【公司資料】【新股消息】【財經日誌】【人工智能】【大手成交】【升跌股價】【研究報告】【金融新聞】【走勢分析】
即時行情:        【即時報價】【即時最近查詢報價】【即時即市走勢圖】【即時排行】【即時綜合投資組合】【即時技術投資分析】【外匯報價】【基金】

AASTOCKS.com Ltd、香港交易所資訊服務有限公司、中國投資信息有限公司、深圳證券信息有限公司、Interactive Data Corporation、其控股公司及/或該等控股公司的任何附屬公司均竭力確保所提供資訊的準確和可靠度,但不能保證其絕對準確和可靠,且亦不會承擔因任何不準確或遺漏而引起的任何損失或損害的責任(不管是否侵權法下的責任或合約責任又或其他責任)

AASTOCKS.com Ltd、香港交易所資訊服務有限公司、中國投資信息有限公司、深圳證券信息有限公司、Interactive Data Corporation或其聯屬公司或其資訊來源及第三方數據供應商對資訊均不作任何明示或隱含保證(此等保證範圍包括但不限於可銷售性及特殊用途合適性保證)。AASTOCKS.com Ltd、香港交易所資訊服務有限公司、中國投資信息有限公司、深圳證券信息有限公司、Interactive Data Corporation或其聯屬公司或其資訊來源及第三方數據供應商不會就任何原因導致的中斷、不準確、錯誤或遺漏或因此而造成的任何損害賠償(不論直接或間接、相應而生、懲罰性或懲戒性)對任何人承擔責任。

本應用/網站包含的內容和信息乃根據公開資料分析和演釋,該公開資料,乃從相信屬可靠之來源搜集,這些分析和信息並未經獨立核實和AASTOCKS.com Limited並不保證他們的準確性、完整性、實時性或者正確性。在本應用/網站的行情價格、圖、評論和購買或者出售評分應該謹慎作為僅參考使用,在根據資訊執行證券交易前,應諮詢閣下之經紀或其他財務代表,以核實定價資料。AASTOCKS.com Limited不應被視為游說任何訂戶或訪客執行任何交易,您須為所有跟隨在本應用/網站的評論和購買或出售評分執行的交易負責。 AASTOCKS.com Limited之信息服務基於「現況」及「現有」提供,應用的信息和內容如有更改恕不另行通知。 AASTOCKS.com Limited有權但無此義務,改善或更正在本應用/網站的任何部分之錯誤或疏失。用戶在沒有AASTOCKS.com Limited明確的書面同意情況下,不得以任何方式複製、傳播、出售、出版、廣播、公佈、傳遞資訊內容或者利用在本應用的信息和內容作商業用途。投資股票、貨幣和其它有價證券附帶風險,AASTOCKS.com Limited鼓勵您使用在本應用/網站的風險管理和教育工具,但AASTOCKS.com Limited不能並不會保證任何在本應用/網站現在或未來的購買或出售評論和訊息會否帶來贏利。過往之表現不一定反映未來之表現,AASTOCKS.com Limited不可能作出該保證及用戶不應該作出該假設。 AASTOCKS.com Limited也許連結訂戶或訪客至其有興趣的網站,但AASTOCKS.com Limited只提供此服務給訂戶或訪客並不為此安排負責。

AASTOCKS.com Limited並非有關交易平台的服務提供者,不會為客戶或任何第三者對於該交易平台的(包括但不限於)正確性、品質、準確性、安全性、完整性、可靠性、性能、及時性、報價或持續可用性負責。

AASTOCKS.com Limited對於任何包含於、經由、連結、下載或從任何與本應用/網站有關服務所獲得之資訊、內容或廣告,不聲明或保證其內容之正確性或可靠性。對於您透過本應用上之廣告、資訊或要約而展示、購買或取得之任何產品、資訊資料,本公司亦不負品質保證之責任。

為提供您更多及更好的資訊,AASTOCKS.com Limited會保留用戶在本應用/網站瀏覽或查詢時,伺服器自行產生的相關記錄,包括用戶使用連線設備的IP位址、地理位置、設備資訊、使用時間、使用的瀏覽器、瀏覽及點選資料紀錄等。AASTOCKS.com Limited之商業夥伴或會以適合科技形式獲取該紀錄以作廣告之用。

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