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Money Flow(¥):
Quota Balance
Daily Quota Balance and Trade Value
Historical Quota Data
(Last 15 trading days)
SH-HK Southbound
Combined Southbound
Date Daily Quota Balance
(% of Quota)
Money Flow Buy Trade Value Sell Trade Value Total Trade Value1
(% of Market Turnover)
Combined Quota Money Flow Total Trade Value
(% of Market Turnover)
2018/12/18 41.30B(98.32%) In 704.47M 2.16B 1.66B 3.81B(5.61%) 83.08B(98.91%) In 915.17M 6.26B(9.21%)
2018/12/17 41.92B(99.81%) In 81.32M 1.45B 1.66B 3.11B(5.61%) 83.63B(99.56%) In 370.52M 5.27B(9.51%)
2018/12/14 41.75B(99.41%) In 248.64M 2.00B 2.00B 4.00B(5.98%) 83.35B(99.22%) In 651.96M 6.89B(10.29%)
2018/12/13 42.46B(101.08%) Out 455.70M 1.82B 2.70B 4.52B(5.70%) 83.67B(99.60%) In 333.88M 7.81B(9.84%)
2018/12/12 42.26B(100.62%) Out 260.57M 1.62B 2.19B 3.81B(5.48%) 83.46B(99.36%) In 541.61M 6.41B(9.22%)
2018/12/11 41.01B(97.65%) In 985.55M 2.16B 1.35B 3.51B(5.39%) 82.39B(98.08%) In 1.61B 5.49B(8.43%)
2018/12/10 41.51B(98.83%) In 490.72M 2.25B 2.04B 4.29B(6.08%) 83.09B(98.92%) In 905.44M 7.02B(9.95%)
2018/12/07 41.15B(97.97%) In 851.39M 2.78B 2.10B 4.89B(4.94%) 82.50B(98.21%) In 1.50B 7.28B(7.35%)
2018/12/06 41.46B(98.72%) In 539.26M 2.65B 2.39B 5.03B(5.19%) 83.02B(98.83%) In 983.38M 8.53B(8.80%)
2018/12/05 41.53B(98.88%) In 469.07M 1.92B 1.75B 3.67B(4.64%) 83.27B(99.13%) In 734.18M 6.61B(8.34%)
2018/12/04 41.96B(99.89%) In 44.54M 1.82B 2.13B 3.95B(4.27%) 84.31B(100.37%) Out 308.23M 6.99B(7.54%)
2018/12/03 42.77B(101.84%) Out 774.27M 2.84B 4.15B 6.99B(5.39%) 85.24B(101.48%) Out 1.24B 11.99B(9.25%)
2018/11/30 42.24B(100.57%) Out 240.23M 1.40B 1.94B 3.34B(3.21%) 83.78B(99.74%) In 220.06M 5.91B(5.68%)
2018/11/29 43.08B(102.58%) Out 1.08B 1.55B 3.03B 4.58B(5.08%) 85.03B(101.22%) Out 1.03B 7.27B(8.06%)
2018/11/28 42.39B(100.92%) Out 386.50M 1.78B 2.53B 4.31B(5.07%) 84.19B(100.23%) Out 189.66M 6.58B(7.75%)
All Quota are in RMB (unless otherwise specified)
(1) Total Trade Value is computed by summing up Buy and Sell Trade Values
(2) Moneyflow is estimated by subtracting quota balance from the quota limit, where negative return represents outflow, and positive return for inflow.