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2016/09/29 17:16
Reuters reported that Seoul Central District Court refused a request by a prosecutor to issue arrest warrant to Lotte Group chairman Shin Dong-bin, saying that this is unnecessary. Yonhap News Agency reported that the prosecutor side may re-submit applications to demand the arrest of Shin. As Reuters cited sources earlier, the p...
2016/09/29 17:14
Eurozone's final consumer sentiment index for September ended the decrease for three months and improved to -8.2 from -8.5 in August, according to the data of the European Commission.~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site:
2016/09/29 17:12
Eurozone's economic climate index bounced back to 104.9 in September, compared to the expectation of keeping at 103.5, data from the European Commission showed.~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site:
2016/09/29 17:04
After Galaxy Note 7, another product of Samsung Electronics is also said to have safety problems.Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung and US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are in talks on the report of Samsung washing machine explosion. The affected models were manufactured during March 2011 to April 2016. Samsun...
2016/09/29 16:53
The data from Bank of England showed that in August, the United Kingdom's approvals for lending secured on dwellings fell to 60,058, hitting new low since European debt crisis and also below market estimates of 60,200.During the period, the net consumer credit growth accelerated to GBP1.574 billion, exceeding market expectation ...
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