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2018/05/25 16:16
As Reuters quoted from market sources, Saudi Arabia and Russia will discuss the oil production increase by 1 million barrels per day from OPEC and non-OPEC. Upon materialization, the execution rate under the production cut agreement will be lowered from 152% to 100%.~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site:
2018/05/25 15:46
The US stock futures bounced back across the board. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures regained 32 pts or 0.1% to 24,835. Standard & Poor's 500 Index futures recouped 2 pts to 2,730. Nasdaq 100 Index futures rebounded 19 pts or nearly 0.3% to 6,976.Major European bourses turned around from consecutive declines. DAX las...
2018/05/25 14:31
At close, Nikkei 225 Stock Average recouped 13 pts to 22,450. USD/ JPY last printed at 109.4. ~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site:
2018/05/25 12:12
After seven years of proceedings, the US court judged Samsung shall pay patent fees to Apple, involving US$539 million, given its imitation on iPhone's functions.~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site:
2018/05/25 11:21
HKD continued to recover, and the spot USD T/T rate was last at 7.8465. HKD interbank interest rates:Tenor/ Rate on last trading day/ Latest rateOvernight/ 0.14893%/ 0.18482%1-week/ 0.37954%/ 0.41107%1-month/ 0.97981%/ 0.98018%3-month/ 1.75179%/ 1.75214%6-month/ 1.89286%/ 1.89071%The balance of the banking system is expected to ...
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