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2017/03/29 16:38
Bank of England (BOE) data showed that in February, the UK's mortgage loan approvals ended four months of increase and fell from January's 69,100 (revised) to 68,300, missing market expectation of 69,100.~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site:
2017/03/29 16:36
Spot USD/CNY closed at 6.8897, down 39 bps. The central parity of CNY fell 133 bps. As at 16:35, USD/CNY fell 115 bps in the night session. USD/CNH stood at 6.8718, up 5 bps, 179 bps higher than CNY. ~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site:
2017/03/29 16:33
The UK M4 supply in February saw an eased growth to 5.7% yearly; on a monthly basis, the figure faded 0.3%, Bank of England reported.~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site:
2017/03/29 16:28
Italy's consumer confidence index ticked up to 107.6 in March from February's 106.6, while the market had expected the index to keep at 106.6, National Institute of Statistics (Istat) reported.During the period, the manufacturing confidence index drifted higher to 107.1 from February's 106.4, against the market expected fall to ...
2017/03/29 16:13
The U.S stock futures continued higher less than 0.2%.Major European bourses continued to fare well in the early trade. DAX continued higher 0.6% to 12,226. CAC 40 last stood at 5,069, up nearly 0.5%.The Stoxx Europe 600 Index added 0.2% to 377.95. FTSE 100 last stood at 7,364, up 0.3%.~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site: www.aasto...
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