Baring Latin America Fund (USD) Y-Inc
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(Last Update : 2022/05/23)
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Fund House Baring Asset Management (Asia) Limited
Fund Type Equity Funds
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Sector General
Geographic Allocation Latin America
Fund Investment Objective & Strategy
To seek long-term capital growth primarily through investment in Latin American equity securities.
Key Risks
Risk of investment in Latin American countries:Governments of many Latin American countries may continue to exercise substantial influence over the private sectors; in some cases, the State owns or controls many companies, includingsome of the largest in the country. Future governmental actions could have a significant effect not only on economic conditions but also on private sector companies and on securities markets.Expropriation, confiscatory taxation and nationalisation could adversely affect the assets of the Fund.Many Latin American countries have accumulated substantial debt service obligations. Some governments have adopted economic policies to facilitate debt servicing requirements which may continue to adversely affect the economies of these countries.The high inflation rates in many Latin American countries may continue to negatively affect their economies. Wage and price controls have been imposed at times in various countries to control inflation which may increase the risk of political and social instability in Latin America.Many of the Latin American currencies have substantially depreciated against the USD in recent years and may depreciate further in the future. Since the net asset value of the Fund and its income is calculated and reported in USD, further depreciations could adversely affect the performance of the Fund.Risk associated with investment in specific countries:The Fund primarily invests in Latin American countries and has a narrower focus than funds which invest more broadly across markets. The Fund typically offers less diversification and therefore is considered to be more risky and volatile.Emerging market and liquidity risks:The Fund invests in Latin American countries which are emerging markets. Investing in these markets may involve additional risks than investing in more developed markets. These include liquidity risk (as described below), the possibility of a lower standard of corporate governance,increased political risk and the likelihood of a higher degree of volatility.Market liquidity in the emerging markets may be lower than the more developed markets.Accumulation and disposal of securities may be time consuming and may need to be conducted at unfavourable prices. The Fund may also encounter difficulties in disposing of securities at their fair market price.Risks of investment in equities:The equity markets may fluctuate significantly with prices rising or falling sharply, and this will have a direct impact on the Fund’s net asset value. When the equity markets are extremely volatile the Fund’s net asset value may fluctuate substantially.Investment risk:The Fund is an investment fund and is not in the nature of a bank deposit. There is no guarantee of repayment of principal. Investment in the Fund is subject to fluctuations in value and you may suffer a loss.
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