AllianceBernstein - Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio (USD) A
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(Last Update : 2022/01/26)
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Fund House AllianceBernstein Hong Kong Ltd
Fund Type Equity Funds
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Geographic Allocation Global
Fund Investment Objective & Strategy
The investment objective of the Portfolio is to achieve long-term capital appreciation. The Portfolio pursues opportunistic growth by investing in a global universe of companies in multiple industries that may benefit from innovation.The Investment Manager utilizes top-down research to find those secular themes that are the long-term drivers of the market outlook across industries. The Manager also uses bottom-up research to identify the most attractive candidates—those with compelling earnings growth prospects and valuations that are aligned with the themes identified in top-down research. The result of this philosophy is a reiterative investment process where the top-down thematic outlook is validated by our bottom up research. It is the combination of the two research views that allow for the conviction to capitalize on compelling investment opportunities that have the potential to add substantial return value.
Key Risks
Risk in investing in financial derivative instruments: The Portfolio is entitled to use derivative instruments for hedging and efficient portfolio management purposes which may involve additional risks. In adverse situations, the Portfolio's use of derivative instruments may become ineffective in hedging or efficient portfolio management and the Portfolio may suffer significant losses. Country Risk - General: Investments in issuers located in a particular country or geographic region may have more risk because of particular market factors affecting that country or region, including political instability or unpredictable economic conditions. Country Risk - Emerging Markets: The Portfolio will invest in emerging markets, which are subject to higher risks (for example, liquidity risk, currency risk, political risk, regulatory risk and economic risk) and higher volatility than portfolios investing in developed market. Fluctuations in currency exchange rates may negatively affect the value of the investment or reduce returns these risks are magnified in emerging or developing markets. Focused Portfolio Risk: Portfolios that hold a smaller number of securities may be more volatile than more diversified portfolios, since gains or losses from each security will have a greater impact on the Portfolio’s overall value. Industry / Sector Risk: Investing a substantial amount of assets in fewer economic sectors may be more volatile than more diversified strategies. Economic or market conditions affecting a particular sector could have a major impact on the Portfolio’s value. Currency Risk: Investing in global securities includes fluctuations in currency exchange risk, which may negatively affect the value of the investment or reduce returns. Smaller Capitalisation Companies Risk: Small- and mid-cap stocks are often more volatile than large-cap stocks—smaller companies generally face higher risks due to their limited product lines, markets and financial resources.
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