Aberdeen Global - Asian Local Currency Short Duration Bond Fund (USD) A2
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(Last Update : 2022/06/24)
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Fund House Aberdeen Intl Fund Managers Ltd
Fund Type Fixed Income Funds
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Sector General
Geographic Allocation Asia (ex Japan)
Fund Investment Objective & Strategy
The Fund’s investment objective is long-term total return to be achieved by investing at least two-thirds of the Fund’s assets in short duration local Asian currency denominated Debt and Debt Related Securities issued by governments,supranational institutions or government-related bodies that are domiciled in Asian countries;and/or,Debt and Debt-Related Securities issued by companies that have their registered office in an Asian country;and/or,issued by companies which have the preponderance of their business activities in an Asian country;and/or,issued by holding companies that have the preponderance of their assets in companies with their registered office in an Asian country.For the purpose of this Fund,short duration shall mean maturity of three years or less.
Key Risks
General risk: The value of shares and the income from them can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount invested. Risk of investing in bonds: The value of a bond will fall in the event of the default or reduced credit rating of the issuer (or if credit spreads widen, relative to gilts). Similarly, an increase in credit rating (or narrowing of credit spreads) can lead to capital appreciation. Generally, the higher the quality of the issuer, the lower the interest rate at which they can borrow money. Issuers of a lower quality will tend to have to pay more to borrow money to compensate the lender (the purchases of a bond) for the extra risk taken. Unlike income from a single bond, the level of income from the Fund is not fixed and may fluctuate. Yields are estimated figures and may fluctuate. Risk of using derivatives: Derivatives may be used to hedge against various risks as permitted by the regulations but may not be used for speculative purposes. The use of derivatives for hedging in a rising market may restrict potential gains. Regulations in the markets in which the Fund invests may require or limit hedging or other use of financial derivative instruments, either explicitly or as a result of the Investment Adviser managing resultant risk. Risk relating to currency forward contracts: The Fund may enter into currency forward contracts for hedging and/or investment purposes. Trading in currency forward contracts is substantially unregulated. Market illiquidity or disruption could result in major losses to the Fund. Risk relating to repurchase/reverse repurchase or securities lending agreements: In relation to repurchase transactions, the Fund will be subject to risks of locking cash in transactions of excessive size or duration, and delays in recovering cash placed out. The difficulty in realising collateral may restrict the ability of the Fund to meet redemption requests, security purchases or, more generally, reinvestment. In relation to securities lending transactions, delays in the return of securities on loans may restrict the ability of the Fund to meet delivery obligations under security sales. Currency Risk: Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Investment Adviser may alter the currency exposure of the Fund, solely through the use of derivative contracts (without buying or selling underlying Transferable Securities or currencies). Performance may be strongly influenced by movements in currency rates because the Fund may have exposure to a particular currency that is different to the value of the securities denominated in that currency held by the Fund. Furthermore, the Fund’s portfolio may be fully or partially hedged back to the Base Currency if, in the opinion of the Investment Adviser, this is believed to be appropriate. Exchange rates risk: Movements in exchange rates can impact on both the level of income received and the capital value of your investment. If the currency of your country of residence strengthens against the currency in which the underlying investments of the Fund are made, the value of your investment will reduce and vice versa.Emerging markets risk: The Fund invests in emerging markets which tend to be more volatile than mature markets and the value of your investment could move sharply up or down. In some circumstances, the underlying investments may become illiquid which may constrain the Investment Manager’s ability to realise some or all of the portfolio. The registration and settlement arrangements in emerging markets may be less developed than in more mature markets so the operational risks of investing are higher. Political risks and adverse economic circumstances are more likely to arise, which puts the value of your investment at risk. Emerging market refers to any country that is included in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index or composite thereof (or any successor index, if revised), or any country classified by the World Bank as a low to upper middle income country. Interest rate risk and credit risk: Interest rate fluctuations affect the capital value of investments. Where long term interest rates rise, the capital value of shares is likely to fall and vice versa. Credit risk reflects the ability of the borrower (bond issuer) to meet is obligations (pay the interest on a bond and return the capital on redemption date).
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