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<Research>G Sachs Reaffirms AIA (01299.HK) Key Strength Lies in Ability to Deliver Both Shareholder Returns, Long-term Profit Growth
Goldman Sachs recently met with the investor relations team of AIA (01299.HK), Goldman Sachs released a research report saying. AIA explained the headwinds to underlying free surplus in 2022/23, and expected underlying free surplus to be driven by future new business and value-in-force (VIF) growth.

Goldman Sachs reiterated that AIA's key strength lies in its ability to deliver shareholder returns and long-term earnings growth.

Based on the base case scenario of the Company's additional US$2 billion share buyback in FY2025/26, it is estimated that the Company's operating profit after tax will grow at 10% per annum from FY2024 to FY2026.

Goldman Sachs kept rating on AIA at Buy, and listed the Company on Conviction List Buy, with a target price of $98.
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