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HKEX Organizing 'Daily Leverage Certificate' Launch, Slated for Mid-2020 Soonest: Report
10/17/2019 4:59:17 PM
HKEX (00388.HK) introduced "Inline Warrants" in July, after the first structured product launch in 20...
AJISEN (CHINA) 3Q SSS of Fast Casual Restaurant Grows 6.9%
10/17/2019 4:56:46 PM
AJISEN (CHINA) (00538.HK) announced that the same store sales growth rate of the Group’s fast casual rest...
<Research Report>JPM: China's National Pipeline Co. To Debut Tmr Soonest; Expected to Benefit PETROCHINA Valuation
10/17/2019 4:40:21 PM
Media reports are commenting on the possible formation of China’s National Pipeline Company (NPC) tomorro...
MOC: China to Boost US Farm Good Purchases Based on Phase 1 CN-US Deal
10/17/2019 4:39:52 PM
<HK Wrap-up>HSI Jumps 184 Pts; HK Banks, CN Consumer Staples In Shape
10/17/2019 4:37:27 PM
Frank Chan: LTV Ratio Eased after HKMC's Study; Speculation for Any Special Motive Inappropriate
10/17/2019 4:33:51 PM
RMB1.958B Net Influx from Northbound Trading of SZ-HK Connect at Close
10/17/2019 4:27:26 PM
RMB578M Net Influx from Northbound Trading of SH-HK Connect at Close
10/17/2019 4:27:18 PM
<Warrant Mkt>Warrant Accounts for 8.9% of Market Turnover at Close
10/17/2019 4:27:09 PM
CVI Sinks Below 20, Banks May Turn More Proactive in Mortgage on Eased LTV Ratio
10/17/2019 4:22:48 PM