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SRE GROUP (01207.HK) CEO Changed
7/18/2019 5:58:04 PM
SRE GROUP (01207.HK) announced that with effect from 18 July 2019, Liu Feng resigned as the chief executive off...
Frank Chan: Tai Wai-Hung Hom Section Commissioning Targeted by End-21
7/18/2019 5:49:00 PM
Frank Chan, Secretary for Transport and Housing, said at the press conference that MTR CORPORATION (00066.HK) h...
HUADIAN POWER (01071.HK) 1H19 Power Generation 101M MWh, Up 5.5%
7/18/2019 5:41:38 PM
HUADIAN POWER (01071.HK) announced that the total amount of power generated for the first half of year 2019 was...
SH-HK Connect Southbound Capital Inflows to PICC P&C, CCB, Li Ning
7/18/2019 5:36:04 PM
Short Selling Turnover $9.23B, or 20.7% of Eligible Securities Turnover at Close
7/18/2019 5:35:57 PM
<Positive Profit Alert>FUDANZHANGJIANG Expects 1H Profit to Jump Over 50%
7/18/2019 5:27:53 PM
REGENT PACIFIC Terminates Yooya Acquisition Discussions
7/18/2019 5:25:13 PM
ZA ONLINE (06060.HK) Appoints GM-cum-CEO
7/18/2019 5:17:29 PM
DAHSING BANKING Unrolls Securities Trading App for Stock Screening
7/18/2019 5:12:16 PM
Volvo Cars to Start Cost Saving as 2Q19 Profit Dives 54%
7/18/2019 5:04:37 PM