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CN SAMR Proposes to Regulate Price Charges in Platform Econ
China's State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) said that it is essential to brush up the coordination mechanism for regular monitoring and consultation of live e-commerce platforms, in a bid to regulate the behavior of price charging in the platform economy, to explore the establishment of a consultation mechanism between the platform and the operators within the platform, and to protect the right of the operators within the platform to set prices independently.

The SAMR drafted the "Market Supervision Department Optimization of Business Environment Key Measures (Draft for Opinion)", involving 10 key directions with 40 specific measures to accelerate the improvement of the market order system and rules; to revise the "Measures for the Management of Market Supervision and Administration of Serious Illegal and Untrustworthy Lists"; promote the promulgation of the "Measures for Handling Illegal Charging Behaviors Related to Enterprises" and "Compliance Guidelines for Online Trading Platform Charging Behavior" to help reduce the burden on enterprises and standardize platform charging behavior.

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