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Ant CTO: Foundation Models Still at Stage of 'Drilling Wood to Get Fire'
He Zhengyu, CTO of Ant Group, said on the 9th Ant Tech Day that foundation models are still at the stage of "drilling wood to get fire", and the sizeable implementation needs to address three major challenges: reliability, affordability and ease of use.

Among which, "reliability" is to harness AI and to supervise AI at the technical level to solve the problem of controlling and "aligning" the model; "affordability" is to make foundation models "small", which determines whether foundation model applications can become mainstream; and "ease of use" is to "dump down" intelligence, which determines whether the generative AI can be scaled to the application, rooted in the C-end.

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The CTO said that the venture capital (VC) circle loves to talk about "Product Market Fit", but now there is a new word called "Technology Cost-PMF", because AI is too expensive, and the reason why it is expensive is because the method of generating intelligence is a bit clumsy, or even not smart.
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