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  Symbol Name Industry Listing Date Lot
One Lot
One Lot
Success Rate
% Chg. on
List. Day1
% Chg.
08040.HK DCB HOLDINGS Construction & Decoration 2018/02/14 5000 0.750 30.9 40 50.0% +2.67% 0.00%
08379.HK PRIME INTEL IT Hardware 2018/02/14 10000 0.350 92.7 150 40.0% +2.86% +7.14%
01183.HK MECOM POWER Construction & Decoration 2018/02/13 2000 1.250 160.8 5 60.0% +9.60% +34.40%
01729.HK TIME INTERCON Telecomm. & Networking Equipment 2018/02/13 8000 0.500 267.4 125 60.0% -15.00% +24.00%
08510.HK TOPSTANDARDCORP Restaurants & Fast Food Shops 2018/02/13 8000 0.350 15.1 1 100.0% -5.71% -27.14%
08522.HK GAIN PLUS HLDGS Construction & Decoration 2018/02/13 4000 0.800 34.4 8 60.1% +1.25% -6.25%
01690.HK LAP KEI ENGRG Construction & Decoration 2018/02/12 10000 N/A N/A N/A N/A -8.20% -6.56%
01990.HK XINGHUA PORT Marine & Harbour Services 2018/02/12 1000 N/A N/A N/A N/A -24.85% -24.85%
08473.HK MI MING MART Cosmetics & Personal Care 2018/02/12 10000 0.270 136.5 20 50.0% +3.70% +42.59%
08523.HK SHEUNG MOON Construction & Decoration 2018/02/12 5000 0.500 3.3 5 60.0% -20.00% -16.00%
Under-sub. means "under-subscription" in which the number of applied shares is less than the number of shares issued for an initial public offering.
Beijing Capital Grand Limited (01329.HK) - Financial Comparison
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Financial Comparison - Annual Results 2016/12 2016/12 2014/12 2014/03
Industry Compare        
Liquidity Analysis SHK PPT Beijing Capi Beijing Capi Beijing Capi Average
Current Ratio (X) 10.14 Greater 1.82 1.46 2.51 1.93
Quick Ratio (X) 8.23 Greater 0.93 1.46 1.46 1.28
Solvency Analysis
Long Term Debt/Equity (%) 19.77 Smaller 36.96 0.00 0.00 12.32
Total Debt/Equity (%) 22.67 Smaller 52.30 11.36 25.83 29.83
Total Debt/Capital Employed (%) 11.11 Smaller 35.88 11.36 25.83 24.36
Return on Investment Analysis
Return on Equity (%) N/A N/A 4.08 N/A 1.60 2.84
Return on Capital Employ (%) N/A N/A 2.80 N/A 1.60 2.20
Return on Total Assets (%) N/A N/A 2.14 N/A 1.21 1.68
Profitability Analysis
Operating Profit Margin (%) N/A N/A 47.94 N/A 3.64 25.79
Pre-tax Profit Margin (%) N/A N/A 37.77 N/A 2.50 20.14
Net Profit Margin (%) N/A N/A 24.20 N/A 0.94 12.57
Trading Analysis
Inventory Turnover (X) 0.81 Greater 0.42 0 4.97 1.80
Investment Income Analysis
Dividend Payout (%) 0.00 Equal 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Related Statistics
Fiscal Year High 0.249 Smaller 3.500 3.550 5.690
Fiscal Year Low 0.089 Smaller 2.120 2.120 1.510
Fiscal Year PER Range High (X) N/A N/A 13.69 N/A 364.74
Fiscal Year PER Range Low (X) N/A N/A 8.29 N/A 96.79
Fiscal Year Yield Range High (%) 0.00 Equal 0.00 0.00 0.00
Fiscal Year Yield Range Low (%) 0.00 Equal 0.00 0.00 0.00
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